Roof and Facade Solutions

All the roofs and facades are potential solar power plants. Even though the installation and engineering is harder on the roofs, Özgen with its expertise over 50 years provides feasible solutions to its customers. We believe this market should be prioritized in our country and around the world in terms of PV installations. Details

Carport Solutions

Our company is manufacturing different types of carport systems for residential and commercial buildings. Commercial buildings such as malls have vast open air parking spaces and by installing PV carports, these places can generate electricity. We have also incorporated billboards into our carport design so that the return on investment on these systems will be faster by renting out these billboards. Details

Tracking Systems

We manufacture single axis and dual axis trackers. On average, single axis trackers can produce 15%-25% more than the fixed systems. Dual axis trackers can produce between 25%-45% more than fixed systems depending on the geopgraphic position of the installation. Details